Spiritual EMDR(AL)

Spiritual EMDR by Ayleen Lyschamaya is not a psychotherapeutic method, but a complementary spiritual method on the complete spiritual path(AL).

While EMDR is known as a psychotherapeutic method for resolving trauma primarily in visual form, Spiritual EMDR(AL) adds auditory EMDR through headphones through my bilateral music and tactile EMDR through foot taps. Auditory EMDR has proven to be particularly valuable as a spiritual method because it supports universal embeddedness and divine-earth connection in the consciousness of the new age. Currently, I am the only one offering bilateral 432 Hz music specifically for the different layers of awareness of transcendent people.

I strongly recommend that before you perform Spiritual EMDR(AL) on your own using the book, you take an intensive EMDR session with me or another consciousness coach of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© There you will learn the practical application and you will be individually counseled about the possible psychological processing. After the EMDR intensive appointment, spiritual EMDR(AL) can then be continued independently to connect Divine and Earthly in consciousness.

To prevent misunderstandings, it should be mentioned here that the Guilt feelings-dll-practice© by Ayleen Lyschamaya is the main method which establishes the inner-psychic love connection from Divine to Earthly, while spiritual EMDR(AL) is complementary and supportive to the emotional processing.

In order to pass on the valuable vibrations of my EMDR sounds to you completely, I offer you my sounds in the store not as frequency reduced MP3 files, but as frequency rich WAV files and high quality CDs.

EMDR-Sound 1 is not composed in 432 Hz, but in the conventional 440 Hz vibration, because it does not aim at the universal whole, but at the structural level. Accordingly, the strongly compressed low frequencies also affect the earthly level of consciousness. EMDR Sound 1 leads from the current state of consciousness to the higher level of consciousness of the new age. Thus, EMDR Sound 1 is aimed at beginners.

EMDR-Sound 2 supports above all the connection between the structural level and divine consciousness. The low frequencies address the earthly, while at the same time higher vibrations connect with the divine consciousness. The embedding in the universal whole results from the fundamental vibration of 432 Hz. EMDR Sound 2 concerns the second stage of the complete spiritual path to the higher level of consciousness of the new age. Thus, EMDR Sound 2 is aimed at advanced practitioners.

EMDR-Sound 3 emphasizes the universal breadth of love. The open frequencies and high vibrations address the divine consciousness. The embedding in the universal whole results from the fundamental vibration of 432 Hz. EMDR Sound 3 is applied at the divine-earth connected higher level of consciousness of the new age. The sound already works in the transition to the love formations. Thus, the EMDR Sound 3 is aimed at far advanced.

As a basic work for spiritual EMDR (AL) I recommend the book Spiritual EMDR(AL) .

On the website of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtete© Ayleen Lyschamaya you will find more information about the individual building blocks of transcendent consciousness and the complete spiritual path(AL) at https://new-age-enlightenment.com/gurus/.

EMDR Sounds and the 4 Levels of Consciousness of the Complete Spiritual Path(AL)

Legal note: These are expansions of consciousness that go far beyond the previously known level of consciousness of humanity. Accordingly, there are so far only experiences in individual cases and no proof by scientific studies. Success cannot be expected with certainty, and harmful effects cannot be ruled out. The spiritual practices are to be applied only by healthy persons or to healthy persons and contain equally spiritual-psychic risks and chances.