Bilateral 432 Hz Music

The 432 Hz music is already known for their spiritual healing effect, inner harmony and harmony into the body. In addition, I have assigned the 432 Hz vibration to the female embedding in the Universal Whole, especially high vibrating tones to the soul layer or the divine layer of awareness and low tones to the structural layer. Through bilateral stimulation via headphones, the different layers of awareness are interconnected and directly addressed according to their focus. Currently, I am the only one who composes bilateral 432 Hz music specifically for the different layers of awareness of transcendent people.

Regardless of whether you are Am-Ziel-Erleuchtet©, whether you want me to create a song for you individually or whether you want your personal music commercially for your guided trances or meditations, I am here for you.

In the shop I offer beside the EMDR sounds also my bilateral 432 Hz music not as frequency reduced MP3 files, but as frequency full WAV files. My music supports the Am-Ziel-Erleuchteten© in the love-creations of the new age, as well as all interested people for more feeling and quality of life into the body.

If you have questions about the implementation, dosage and which song is exactly suitable for you, I recommend a personal consultation with me.

More information about the individual building blocks of transcendental consciousness and the complete spiritual path(AL) can be found on the website of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchteten© Ayleen Lyschamaya at

Bilateral 432 Hz Music

Legal note: These are expansions of consciousness that go far beyond the previously known level of consciousness of humanity. Accordingly, there are so far only experiences in individual cases and no proof by scientific studies. Success cannot be expected with certainty, and harmful effects cannot be ruled out. The spiritual practices are to be applied only by healthy persons or to healthy persons and contain equally spiritual-psychic risks and chances.